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Why Shades?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should I choose Valeshade products for my property?
A. Our shade is not only a sun shade, with the innovative design and the tasteful choice of color, the preeminent shades and structures also enhance the appearance and value of your property.

Q: Where are the fabrics from?
A. All our membranes, sail cloth, acrylic fabrics are fully imported from different countries such as France, Spain, Australia etc.

Q: Do you offer a warranty on the products?
A. Yes. Most of our fabrics are covered from 1 to 5 years warranty against UV degradation depending on the types of fabrics, usage and environmental factors.

Q: Is the UV % block out important?
A. Yes, very important. We are all aware of the harmful effects of the sun. The higher UV 96% block fabrics allowed less UV rays to penetrate, giving you more protection outdoor.

Q: Is the UV protection % the same for all colours and shade fabrics?
A. No. The sunlight has a different effect on each color. Therefore each color will have a different UV protection percentage. For example, black color is approximately 99% UV block whilst white color is approximately 74%. I                         In addition, the UV protection percentage can differ significantly between different makes of shade cloth.

Q: Are shade sails structures costly?
A. Our prices are always the most affordable and reasonable. The costs vary by the size of the fabric, design complexity, steel structure types, site condition and installation method.

Q: How durable is the material?
A. The durability depends on the local climate and weather. It has been proven the materials lasted more than 10 years under the Australia climate.

Q: Does shade sail come in different shapes and colours?
A. We have sails in standard shapes and sizes and we also custom made to any shape or size required. We have a variety of colors that you can choose from. All our available colors for each type of fabrics and                              membranes are presented in the fabric page.

Q: Would I need to get a permit for my shade?
A. Residential shades do not require a permit. Commercial and larger shades may require a permit, and you would need to check with your local council in your area.

Q: Can I design my own shade and structure?
A. Yes. We can fabricate, supply and install in accordance to your design. Alternatively we can help you develop your own design and we supply, fabricate and install for you. If you prefer to make it simple, you can                        also select from our standard shapes in various colors.

Q: Can you provide the quotation from my sketch plan?
A. Yes but it depends on the products that you require. However, in general at the preliminary stage we can provide an indicative price for your budgetary purpose if you give us some site photos and sketch plan that                        shows all the measurements. However, we would need to carry out a proper site assessment for the firm                        quotation.

Q: Can I install the shade indoor?
A. Yes. The shade has multiple usages as interior deco e.g. building ceiling, wall art-deco, partitions, projector screen etc.

Q: Can my existing shade sails move with me if I would like to shift it to a new house?
A. The shade sails can be moved however we do not recommend shade shifting to preserve its originality and quality.

Q: Any extensive maintenance required for my shades?
A. No. Only basic maintenance and care on a regular basis is necessary to ensure your shade maintains its original looks and shape.