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Why Shades?
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Why Shades?
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Complete Design & Install Service
1. Conceptual
After the first site assessment, your project starts from determining design philosophy that provided by you
or your designers. The philosophy explains the shade objectives, the lifespan, locations, area etc...

If you do not know where to start, Vale
shade can also help you develop your conceptual design
in order to provide the most practical and cost effective shades to meet your needs.
Meanwhile We are more than happy to work together with your architects, engineers, interior designers
or landscape architects to propose the most suitable shades for you.

2. Engineering
Detailed engineering works will be carried out immediately after the approval of conceptual design.
At this stage, we will engineer the shades that are safe and architecturally sound.

Upon finalising all shopdrawings, bills and schedules we will proceed to procurement and fabrication
works. To comply with our high quality requirements, all our engineering works are inspected prior to issuance.

3. Suppy & fabrication
Apart from custom-made fabrics and membranes, certain projects require custom-made accessories, fittings mechanical parts which will be specially ordered from specialists.
Our high quality fabrics and membranes are made in reputable brand materials and fabricated by state-of-the art
Valeshade will advise the progress of the fabrication works from time to time to keep you updated on your order.
We will exercise a quality audit to ensure every goods are compliance to the order specs prior to delivery.

4. Installlation
Upon completion of the fabrication you will be informed and your goods will be be delivered to the site at the time you specify.
There are sites which require concrete foundations and structural steels works therefore upon completion of
these works and prior to installation, our qualified team will inspect the site again to ensure it is adequate
for the fabric installation.

Supply & Install Service
If you have your own detailed shade design (with engineering drawings) Valeshade can help you to fabricate and install in accordance to your design specifications. Nonetheless, we will need to work closely with your designers or engineers to ensure the shades are built to your satisfaction.
Valeshade is strived to supply you the highest quality materials workmanship and provide you best quality installation services.

Maintenance Service
Valeshade is committed to provide the best service to you. Without costing you anything unreasonably, if you are moving house we can help you to shift your shades; if you are thinking of renovation we can help you to replace your shades; if you are not satisfy with the existing shade design we can help you to modify the shades; if your shades need to restored we can help you to clean up your shades.
You can either let us work out a periodical maintenance plan for your or you can call us whenever you need our services.